Responsible, intelligent and creative engineering with
no technological compromises
to deliver tech excellence to everybody.

Responsible, intelligent and creative engineering with
no technological compromises
to deliver tech excellence to everybody.

Our mission

To excel your business in the digital world.

Our vision

To become the synonym for intelligent IT solutions.

Our Story

Braineering, in its early beginnings, comes from the idea that everything we create must be logical and long term. Our founders are IT engineers who are very passionate about delivering the best IT solutions to their customers. This usually means that there are no compromises when it comes to quality. There are no compromises when it comes to delivering what is best for our customers. This approach, we believe, is the best for everybody. There are no shortcuts to long term sustainability and advancement. Braineering was born with the idea to design custom IT infrastructures and deliver comprehensive IT operation services, by implementing best in class technology. This is a logical, longterm, sustainable way for innovation and change. Ultimately this is the way for digital advancement of various businesses and their day to day operations.

Brain delivers an example of complex, multifunctional organ, embodied in elegant, small, simple on the fist look structure, with its substructures pretty much converged to the point of inseparability. It is the perfect example of how sophisticated systems should look like, and what we ultimately want to achieve designing computer systems. We believe this is the most eflcient model for the digital advancement of businesses and ease of their day to day operations.

With that idea, our founders started Braineering in 2015, with just two of them as the initial team. Known for their experience, knowledge, and trustworthiness, they easily acquired a lot of clients based just on reputation. That reputation was growing and soon enough the team expanded. Now there were three engineers and one-woman administrative team. The young Braineering was born, with their first headquarters.
From the start, even if everything started in Serbia, our founders had greater ambitions. Firs big projects they got was servicing IT infrastructures in big enterprise environments of the biggest oil company in Serbia, and one of the biggest foreign banks. While the trust in Braineering grew, we achieved great competencies with the world's biggest IT virtualization technology giants. That allowed us to work with government institutions, as well as the biggest retail and telecommunication companies. Becoming the PSOs of VMware opened the door for us to become an international system integrator company with projects in the United Arab Emirates, and the Middle East region.

The time of success only just began. Braineering was quickly acquiring a lot of vendor competencies. As time passed we acquired VMware's Master and Professional Services partner, as well as NetApp's Premier partner competency, among others.

Now Braineering is in Serbia's top 3 IT system integrator companies, we partnered with distributors in whole Western Balkans region and developed a UAE branch located in Dubai with an oflce and a small engineering team there.

We won't stop here. As our story continues, Braineering is still firmly on the road to deliver intelligent and best in class IT infrastructures. We re going to the West, and trying to acquire customers in western Europe. At the same time, we are creating a product for the global market, hoping for a breakthrough in the USA IT scene. We hope that this product will be the next step to becoming a global synonym for intelligent IT solutions.

Dubai office opening

In early 2020 we opened an office in Dubai's Business Park called Dubai South.