"Quick, intelligent and reliable,
turnkey like approach to provisioning custom IT infrastructures"

Leonid Stulov, CEO NIS STC

Braineering solution delivery always has “end to end” aspcet to it.
They deliver what you want, and more, because they know what you need before you do.

The Company

Serbia's biggest oil companie's R&D center called STC. In charge of the preparation of geological-exploration projects. Main task is analysing wide areas of underground structures in order to predict where to extract oil.


The main issue with the NIS STC project was coming up with the ecient way of storing and analysing data that makes images of underground structures and delivering those images, via mobility technologies, to scientists who will further analyse them


Creating a global solution by integrating dierent stand alone technologies into one system. The system consists of distributed storage technologies integrated with data analysis technologies.


The result is a nancially ecient way to make their operations much faster, data on rest and in transit more reliable and secure, and deliver results to scientist where ever they are.

The computer is much like any other. The only difference is the scale of power, storage, and speed. In other words, this computer is so big that you cannot place it into the classic computer case. You instead need a building called the data center.

We needed storage that can protect that data and make it highly available. Storage virtualization technologies allow the software to see the data distributed across multiple physical locations, as they were on a single storage pool. Our main goal was to make the storage system available to the already existing HPC system by integrating it through a high bandwidth network. The high bandwidth network consists of two physical switches and many virtual ones that connect the system through interfaces that can transfer the data as fast as 100Gbps. Analyzing and delivering part of the infrastructure consists of VDI technology. VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure technology. It is, essentially, a mobility technology that enables the virtualization of desktops.

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