Brain Story

Brain Story about responsible, intelligent, and creative engineering with no technological compromises to deliver tech excellence to everybody.

Brain Story, in its early beginnings, comes from the idea that everything we create must be logical and long-term. Our founders are IT engineers who are very passionate about delivering the best IT solutions to their customers. This usually means that there are no compromises when it comes to quality. There are no compromises when it comes to delivering what is best for our customers. This approach, we believe, is the best for everybody. There are no shortcuts to long-term sustainability and advancement. Braineering was born with the idea to design custom IT infrastructures and deliver comprehensive IT operation services, by implementing best-in-class technology. This is a logical, long-term, sustainable way for innovation and change. Ultimately this is the way for the digital advancement of various businesses and their day-to-day operations.

Brain delivers an example of a complex, multifunctional organ, embodied in elegant, small, simple on the first look structure, with its substructures pretty much converged to the point of inseparability. It is the perfect example of how sophisticated systems should look like, and what we ultimately want to achieve designing computer systems. We believe this is the most efficient model for the digital advancement of businesses and ease of their day-to-day operations.

Brain Story Timeline


Company starts with the idea of no compromises when it comes to technology.

First big customers: Oil Companies and Banks.


Big vendor competencies and foreign market breach: VMware Master and Professional Service Partner and PSO of VMware in the United Arab Emirates.

NetApp Premier Partner.


Opening a UAE branch.

Braineering - Dubai Office

NetApp LSC Partner.


Meet The Team

Nemanja Cvetkov
Nikola Selak
Marija Selak
Solution Architect
Momčilo Došenović
Senior System Engineer
Goran Ševo
Senior Systems Engineer
Nikola Milić
Senior Systems Engineer
Ivan Ljubić
Senior Sales Engineer
Nebojša Ivković
Senior System Engineer
Aleksandar Stanković
Technical Account Manager
Dragan Kleut
Senior System Engineer
Vedran Bojčić
Senior System Engineer
Aleksandar Avramović
Senior System Administrator
Ivan Tatomirov
Senior System Engineer
Goran Simić
Business Development Manager
Ivan Petrović
Junior System Administrator
Stefan Tomašević
Network Security Administrator
Nevena Miladinović
Junior Network Security Engineer
Anja Jelić
Administrative Assistant
Nuša Cvetkov
Assistant Director
Nikša Stepanović
Marketing Coordinator
Andrija Ivanović
Service Engineer

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