Braineering Partners


Software rules over your datacenter!

The pioneers of virutalisation, the name behind software defined datacenter, the datacenter company that you should never forget. They are represented by the idea that software has the ability to unlock new possibilities for people and our planet. This software company leads world’s digital transformation, by producing software that acts as digital foundation that powers today’s apps and services. Their main goal is to streamline the journey for organisations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to their customers and empower employees to do their best work. Their software spans computing, cloud, networking and digital workspace.At the moment, they are concentrated on accelerating your cloud journey, transforming network and security and empowering the digital workspace.

As you can see, VMware and Braineering have the same goals, and mission, and that is to excell your business in the digital world. We learnd a lot, and are still learning from VMware, and we are proud that they are our prime partner. Braineering has many years of experience on big projects with VMware technologies in EMEA region.

Designing a virtual environment, deploying and maintaining it to the highest standards allow the user to fully rely on our knowledge. We also put a lot attention to securing your sistems, so we design them to promptly recovery from catastrophic events in virtual environments, thus protecting your organisation. Building and maintain private and hybrid Cloud systems by VMware standards using their tools, is our everyday job, as well as designing and building a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment for large and small users. Aside from that, we are experienced in monitoring the environment or outsourcing the maintenance of existing environments.

Don’t want us to make your idea a reality, Braineering will train you in any segment of VMware, so you can do it all by yourself.

Pure Storage

The new and innovative player in the storage vendor market. Pure Storage is an all-flash vendor that simplifies enterprise storage. They do that with their custom flash modules called DirectFlash modules, modular storage array components design, and focus on NVMe over fabric technology.

Pure Storage portfolio covers all-flash offerings for primary and secondary storage and structured and unstructured workloads.

The remarkable thing about Pure is an as-a-Service offering that brings “cloud experience” to on-premise infrastructure. In other words, you can consume and pay for your on-prem storage as if it is cloud storage while protecting your data the way you want. 


Usually referred to as The Data Platform for Cloud and AI Era, Weka is a new player on the market with a powerful vision: utilize an entirely new programming language to create a fundamentally different approach to data management.

Like Pure Storage is built on and for flash storage, тhe WEKA® Data Platform is made for the cloud and AI era. It delivers speed, simplicity, and scale regardless of where your data needs to run. As a result, you can take full advantage of next-gen workloads in virtually any location.


Ansible is an Automation Platform from Red Hat, that provides an enterprise framework for building and operating IT infrastructure automation at scale. We can centralize and control your infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, and automation tools including analytics and certified, reusable content.

It uses human-readable YAML automation language to enable users across an organization to share, vet, and manage automation content. Ansible provides collections of pre-composed roles and modules so anyone can create automation. Braineering can automate your infrastructure, or help you with the automation and collaboration on your infrastructure. Contact us for more details.


Data is the lifeblood of your organization

NetApp is the worldwide leader in data technology in general. Their data fabric concept frees the data from the physical infrastructure, making it available across platforms and clouds, allowing for better data services than ever.

We are proud to point out that most of the installed NetApp devices present in our market, starting from the smallest systems to the largest ones, were done by our engineering team. We use NetApp recommendations and our experience to deliver solutions for small businesses and large and complex virtual systems. The following technologies are available to you in cooperation with the Braineering team:

  • Virtualization of existing storage systems based on NetApp platforms
  • Implementation of All-Flash Array systems for the future
  • Migration to the cDOT platform
  • Metro Cluster architectures
  • Synchronous and asynchronous replication and disaster recovery
  • Maintenance and lifecycle management for existing systems


Arista is specialized in client-to-cloud networking for large data centers, campus, and routing environments. Arista Networks delivers available and agile infrastructure with advanced automation and analytics.

Arista offers hardware products like high-performance, low-latency enterprise routers, switches, and access points. Those products are complemented by Arista CloudVision®, a multi-domain management platform, and Aristas Extensible Operating System (EOS®).


A new era in data management

Simplify IT operations by consolidating data management silos with a single, web-scale solution. By consolidating data silos onto one web-scale platform, spanning on-premises, cloud, and the edge, Cohesity enables organizations to reduce TCO, mitigate business risk, and simplify management. Cohesity delivers protection of your data from the edge to the cloud with backup and recovery technologies. It enables choice, scale, and flexibility with native integration with the most popular clouds. Simplify long-term retention and archival with a single, cloud-native solution. Streamline workflow with policies that move your backup to archive automatically. Choose a public cloud or tape, depending on your business requirements. Better manage data growth, eliminate storage silos, and significantly reduce costs with a single solution for file and object storage—from file shares and large media to backups, dev/test, and analytics.


Dell is among the leading technology companies in the US and one of the oldest. Their products range from hybrid cloud solutions to high-performance computing. The main product family of Dells we work with are automated servers.

Intelligent Dell PowerEdge servers, with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, provide the scalable performance you need to:

  • Identify potential risks
  • Address evolving computing demands
  • Rapidly respond to business opportunities

Palo Alto

One of the world’s cybersecurity leaders and our partner of choice regarding network equipment. Palo Alto Networks offer a range of products. Still, one of the most important is Next Generation Firewalls in hardware, virtual machines, containerized, and cloud or AI-powered ones.

Palo Alto also offers cloud-native application protection, endpoint security solutions, secure access products, and various cloud-delivered security services, and more.


Finding suspicious behavior before an incident happens in infrastructure is the newest approach to cybersecurity. ExtraHop provides various XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solutions to enable the proactive discovery of threats.

ExtraHop’s Reveal(x) 360 platform uses cloud-scale AI to defend against advanced threats like supply chain attacks, APTs, zero days, and more, providing end-to-end security.


Cisco is among the oldest enterprise IT products and solutions market players. Their specialty is building, managing, and securing IT networks. Cisco is famous for its network infrastructure products, such as routers, switches, and wireless access points.

Besides, Cisco offers security solutions (firewalls, intrusion prevention, VPN), cloud solutions (Meraki Cloud Managed IT), network analytics and automation tools, and collaboration tools like Cisco Webex.

Check Point

Check Point is all about security. They offer one of the best next-generation firewall solutions on the market. Besides, SandBlast Network and SandBlast Agent are the flagship product for intrusion prevention and offer protection from zero-day attacks and advanced threats. Check Point also protects cloud apps and environments with their CloudGuard solution.

The complete security portfolio is crowned with SendBlast Mobile and Endpoint Security Suite, which provides mobile and endpoint security, and SmartConsole and Smart-1 for centralized managing and controlling company security policies.