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Cloud Services

Host your infrastructure at our premises and avoid unnecessary capital expenses. BeCloud® operates on the “as a Service “model, delivering hosted services over the internet for a monthly fee, enabling you to see your IT as an operational expense. Check out the complete portfolio below. 

BeCloud® Virtual Private Data Center

Get the whole data center for your business, but across the internet. VPDC technology delivers computing resources, memory, storage, and network with complementary services to you for a monthly fee. Service level agreement guarantees the consistency of performance, while the flexible nature of our data centers allows you to scale up and out through a browser-based management interface.

BeCloud® Ready

Utilize our cloud-ready preconfigured virtual servers for specific use. If you want a quick, turnkey virtual appliance, then this is the right option for you. There is no need to think about the configuration; just browse the datasheet to see what BeCloud® Ready has to offer or contact us for a custom appliance.

BeCloud® VDI – Desktop as a Service

Make your desktops lighter than ever, by hosting them in our data center. All you need is a lightweight device, called a thin client, tablet, or laptop for your employees, and they are ready to work. We worry about administration, maintenance, and security, and you get a highly mobile workforce.

BeCloud® Services

Cloud Journey (Infrastructure design):
We know it is hard to predict all problems in advance when you plan to migrate to the cloud, but we are here to help. Utilize our BeCloud® infrastructure designers to make the best design for your public, private or hybrid cloud.

Cloud migration consumes energy, but not with us. Let us help you migrate securely, without disruption or compliance and performance issues.

Support and Outsourcing:
BeCloud® offers three levels of support for your convenience, where you can let us monitor your infrastructure, let it be semi-managed or fully managed. Additionally, you can rent our engineers by the hour to help you with IT challenges. Browse the sheet for details.

BeCloud® Cyber Security

Attacks happen often, but there is an easy way to protect yourself. In BeCloud®, the Web Application Firewall will protect you from app-level intrusions while anti-malware technologies shield you from malicious software. We also offer log analysis and disruption of service mitigation.

BeCloud® Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Backup BeCloud® services try to lift the worries of business discontinuation from business owners and ease concerns about MTDs and WRTs, RPOs and RTOs for IT operatives. Browse the PDF sheet for more information.

BeCloud® Business Solutions

We strive to make your business excel with IT, but IT can be hard to grasp and difficult to predict. BeCloud® offers interesting pre-tested and verified business solutions that deliver results. Find a predefined solution in the sheet, or contact us to ask for the custom one.


Host your applications in our environments and don’t worry about the underlying infrastructure, but rather concentrate on the work you need to do. We have a list of preconfigured apps that every business needs, but you can always take the custom approach with us and ask us for any software
license, and we will try to get it for you.

BeCloud® consulting is a BrainTech branch for cloud consulting services. We understand that you don’t have the time to build your own experience with IT while maintaining your business, so we offer help. Ask us about various topics concerning your cloud infrastructure, cloud strategy, business
continuity plan, or a cloud migration, and get top-level advice.