Brain Services


Education and Knowledge

Technology theory and education, for those who always want to know more, or maybe want our help. Choose a wide range of courses that we provide, visit our conferences to stay tuned up, or consult with us to solve your business problems with IT.

Suppose your IT team has ever been in a dead-end solving a problem related to your IT infrastructure. In that case, you want to upgrade or update your data center or have a new and creative idea of how computers or any digital device can serve a unique role in helping your business, feel free to ask us.

Your engineers, or IT experts, can become well educated in any area of expertise we have by enrolling in a non-official training course. If you need official courses or certification, use our connections and partnerships to provide the best education for all IT vendors on the market.

We can teach you what we do!

Introduction and General

Training courses that get you familiar with the basic concepts of enterprise IT infrastructures, from storage technologies and basic networking to virtualization, advanced security, cloud, and hyper-converged infrastructures. No prior knowledge is needed.


Get superior training and certificates in the field of virtualization. Utilize our knowledge to gain an intermediate or advanced level of expertise for the world’s most prominent virtualization vendors.

Networking and Security

Get the best networking and security expertise. Enroll to become an expert for traditional or next-generation networking and security technologies for enterprises of all sizes.


Get official certificates from the vendor you desire. If you have difficulties passing exams or need more in-depth knowledge of various technologies, we are here to help you.

BrainTech Conference

BrainTech Conference is one of the biggest IT conferences in South-Eastern Europe. This biennial conference hosts IT specialists worldwide, discussing the most recent technology development and future IT challenges. Find out more.

BrainTech Series

BrainTech Series is a small vendor-specific half-day conference that we organize for our customers a few times per year. Concentrate on a specific vendor’s most recent technological development and ask local specialists how to solve a particular problem that bothers you.