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We put company culture first.

Braineering, in its early beginnings, comes from the idea that everything we create must be logical and long-term. Our founders are IT engineers who are very passionate about delivering the best IT solutions to their customers.

This usually means that there are no compromises when it comes to technical excellence. There are no compromises when it comes to delivering what is best for our customers.

Current job openings

The main task consists of building and setting up new development tools and infrastructures based on IaC (Redhat Ansible preferred), so we expect you to:

  • Understand the needs of stakeholders and understand concepts behind a broad range of IT infrastructure components including storage systems, data processing, virtualization platforms, network, and security solutions,
  • work on ways to automate and improve IT infrastructure activities, deployment processes, and lifecycle management
  • write, test, and examine code written by you personally, and by others and analyze the results
  • ensure that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats
  • identify technical problems and develop automation updates and ‘fixes’
  • work with Infrastructure engineers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended
  • plan out projects and be involved in project management decisions.
  • Additionally, a higher seniority level is considered an advantage.

The main task is creating and managing virtualization environments of given vendors, consisting of virtual compute, storage, and networks, so we expect that you have:

  • Basic understanding of IT infrastructure concepts and paradigms including storage, compute, networking, virtualization, and container technologies
  • insights in private and hybrid cloud concepts and IaaS business logic with automation as engineering vector,
  • the overview of modern big data solutions, data services, and data security concepts,
  • the ability to participate in all aspects of the IT infrastructure life cycles development for BeCloud® customers and solutions, including planning, requirements, implementation, testing, quality assurance, and documentation,
  • the ability to maintain BeCloud® by covering and troubleshooting incidents, identify the root cause of a problem, fix, and document them, and implement preventive measures,
  • the ability to work in tandem with our engineering team to identify and implement the most optimal custom or turnkey solutions for the customers,
  • the knowledge of technologies incorporated in BeCloud® solutions from various vendors such as VMware, NetApp, Cohesity, Hammerspace, and others,
  • a Bachelor’s degree in IT Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics.
  • Additionally, certificates for given platforms are considered an advantage.

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We put our employees first. We want our employees to be professional, knowledgeable, innovative, flexible, trustworthy, independent, and self-managing individuals who can work in small team from time to time. We support that behavior by caring for them and respecting their private and professional time.

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